2018 Club

The 2018 Club – Cash prizes every month!

For monthly results - see below!

For an annual fee of just £30 you can join the FNHC 2018 Club for a chance to win a monthly cash prize.

1st Prize £1,000

2nd Prize £500

3rd Prize £250

4th to 12th Prizes £30


How does the 2018 Club work?

The Plan – Up to 2018 people buy tickets for the Club and each ticket has a unique draw number. You can buy more than one ticket but only a maximum of 2018 will be sold. Each year we will increase the tickets available by one.

Tickets – Each ticket has a unique draw number from 1 to 2018. Once you have been allocated a draw number, that number will belong to you for as long as you are a paid up member of the Club.

Prize Draw – All allocated draw numbers are entered into each monthly draw. Even if you have won in a previous monthly draw, your number will still be entered into the subsequent draws. Each month, 12 numbers are drawn at random starting with the 1st prize and ending with the 12th prize, which is drawn last. 

Results – Winners are notified directly and results are published on this website and in the JEP.

Draws take place on the last Friday of each month. The first draw of 2018 is on Friday 26th January.


Please download and complete the application form and return it to:

Family Nursing & Home Care, Le Bas Centre, St Saviours Road, St. Helier, Jersey. JE2 4RP.

Telephone: 01534 443664 

Download an Application Form here. 


  • January Draw Results

Family Nursing & Home Care

2018 Club

January Draw


First Prize: £1000            Ticket No: 1176


Second Prize: £500         Ticket No: 1325


Third Prize: £250           Ticket No: 1399


Fourth Prize: £30           Ticket No: 499


Fifth Prize: £30                Ticket No: 1181


Sixth Prize: £30                Ticket No: 743


Seventh Prize: £30          Ticket No: 252


Eighth Prize: £30             Ticket No: 543


Ninth Prize: £30               Ticket No: 1543


Tenth Prize: £30             Ticket No: 1309


Eleventh Prize: £30         Ticket No: 599


Twelfth Prize: £30             Ticket No: 568


If you are not one of our lucky winners this month, good luck for the draw in February!