Decline in legacy donations could impact FNHC’s frontline services By Ivo Le Maistre Smith on Monday 01 June 2015 Decline in legacy donations could impact FNHC’s frontline services Image

Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC) continued to maintain high quality community nursing and care services during 2014, despite the challenges of a difficult financial climate and pressures on revenue streams.

The number of legacies received during the year, which has traditionally been a major contributor to the Charity’s finances, decreased considerably during 2014. The Charity maintained a net incoming funds position for the year, despite a difficult financial climate, pressure on revenue streams and rising demands on services.

FNHC’s Annual Report for 2014 also discusses a sense of renaissance around community services, as the focus shifts away from hospital centric care to the community.

‘There is a greater understanding that there are real opportunities to extend services to enable people to stay well for longer and, most importantly, in their own homes‘ said FHNC CEO Julie Gafoor. There were a number of highlights during 2014, including the set up and delivery of the Rapid Response team which delivered 688 days of care in patients’ homes in nine months, and the highly professional FNHC team showed continued dedication, compassion and determination to ensure patients receive the best possible care.’

‘As an organisation we must face realities, and there are fewer certainties today when compared with the past. Despite this, FNHC is committed to maintaining the vast range of services and high quality care we offer today. Over the past year, it’s become increasingly evident that community nursing and care is the most appropriate model to meet the needs of our growing and ageing population, and we must protect our services.’

‘Legacies have traditionally played an important role in helping to cushion FNHC from financial pressures, so we hope that the decrease last year will be a one-off as legacies make a significant impact on our ability to offer vital frontline services. We are extremely grateful to islanders for their donations and support, and to the States of Jersey for their continued funding.’

FNHC’s AGM will be held at St Clement Parish Hall on Tuesday 2nd June starting at 5.30pm. The Annual Report and Financial Statement can be downloaded here.