Family Nursing & Home Care to host Jersey’s first childhood continence conference By Ivo Le Maistre Smith on Wednesday 13 April 2016 Family Nursing & Home Care to host Jersey’s first childhood continence conference Image

Jersey’s nursing, medical and education community are being invited to attend a special conference later this month aimed at helping children in the Island who experience continence difficulties.

Hosted by Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC), the ‘Positive Steps to Childhood Continence’ conference will address the issue of childhood continence. Approximately 900,000 children and young people in the UK aged five to 19 encounter this problem, which can have a significant all round impact for both the child and their family.

The conference, which takes place on Thursday 28th April at L’Horizon Hotel, is being run by Paediatric Continence Specialist, June Rogers, MBE, who is a specialist trainer from UK children’s continence charity ERIC and PromoCon. The sessions will focus on the complex issues of bowel and bladder control, with attention given to children with special needs. Mrs Rogers will outline guidelines on introducing care pathways and individual toilet training programmes, including strategies for tackling challenging cases.

School Nurse Lead at FNHC Jo Davies, said the conference would help partners in healthcare and education to better understand the issue of childhood continence and in turn improve social and emotional outcomes for those affected by this problem.

‘A significant number of young children in Jersey start school before they are toilet trained, which inevitably means a large amount of our School Nurses’ time is taken up dealing with these issues. As there is no specialist continence service for children on the Island, we have decided to bring in a specialist trainer to help us to improve care standards in this very important area.’

‘Research shows that children who have ongoing continence issues before they start school find it harder to keep up and are more likely to fall behind. This training will help FNHC School Nurses and the wider healthcare community to provide a more effective service to children, young people and families. The conference also aims to equip colleagues in education, working in partnership with the School Nurse Service, to support children experiencing this problem in the school setting.

The ‘Positive Steps to Childhood Continence’ conference will primarily aid the training and development of FNHC’s School Nurses, Health Visitors, Nursery Nurses and the Community Paediatric Nursing Team. However to make the event more beneficial for the wider healthcare community, FNHC is inviting GP’s, Primary School staff, Early Years establishments and Paediatric Consultants to also attend.

The all day conference is being subsidised by FNHC, which means delegates can attend the conference for a reduced fee of £60. The ticket includes lunch and refreshments.

Interested parties should email Rachel Evans at