Family Nursing & Home Care welcomes Bailiff as patron By Ivo Le Maistre Smith on Wednesday 01 July 2015 Family Nursing & Home Care welcomes Bailiff as patron Image

Jersey’s Bailiff, William Bailhache, has been appointed patron of Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC).

Mr Bailhache joins Lady McColl as patron of the charity, which is committed to providing high quality, integrated nursing and home care in the community from birth to end of life.

Speaking on his new appointment, the Bailiff said, ‘I am delighted to have been invited to be a patron of Family Nursing & Home Care. It is an organisation of which my wife and I, like many Islanders, have been members for years and I am pleased to support it in this new capacity. Hopefully I will be able to add to its visibility amongst Islanders by increasing awareness of the good work it does.’

FHNC CEO Julie Gafoor added, ‘FNHC provides a breadth of vital public services that will touch many Islanders at various points in their life. We are fortunate to now have two committed and high profile patrons to help to raise awareness of the excellent work of our health and care professionals in our local community, and to communicate the importance of FNHC within the island’s health care economy.

‘As a charity, FNHC must raise £1.7 million in public donations every year to maintain the high quality and vast range of community nursing and care that we offer, so we are very grateful to Lady McColl and the Bailiff for their on going support.’