FNHC calls on islanders to voice opinion on Monday 26 January 2015

Local charity Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC) is calling on islanders to make their views known to the Council of Ministers with regards their nursing and home care needs and experiences. 

Following the launch of a month long States / public consultation, the local charity is asking islanders to voice their opinions on their long-term care needs and any concerns they may have.

In the run up to the general election in the UK, the delivery of long-term care is fast becoming a hotly debated topic for all political parties.  Many years ago the UK abandoned its integrated approach to nursing and home  care, an approach that Jersey has proudly remained committed to.  And now influencers in the UK are considering a U-turn, with the possibility of the reintegration of the two services as they try to establish the most efficient, inclusive and cost effective way of delivering health services to an ageing population. Ed Miliband has already pledged to recruit an additional 5,000 home care workers and to increase the time allocation for home care visits.

Julie Gafoor, chief executive of FNHC, said, ‘We organised the island’s first debate relating to how we deliver long-term health and home care to our ageing population back in November last year.  It was incredibly well attended, which leads us to believe that there are many islanders who are concerned about this issue.’

‘In Jersey we still deliver integrated nursing and home care through a series of partner organisations, including the Health Department and Family Nursing & Home Care. This approach means that the island’s most vulnerable residents have access to an integrated nursing and home care service. We’re proud of our model as it ensures that care is accessible and standards of delivery are exceptionally high. We’re really keen that we don’t lose sight of the advantages of the integrated approach to care as we look at how to deliver these services in the future.’

‘As the Council of Ministers is beginning to shape policy in four key areas, one of which is health and wellbeing, I’d encourage all islanders to voice their opinion via www.gov.je or attend one of the forthcoming public meetings.’ concluded Mrs Gafoor.

FNHC’s 'Who Cares?’ debate was attended by over 200 islanders and politicians, who came together to discuss Jersey’s ability to deliver high standards of care to elderly islanders in the future.