Island primary schools receive Safety in Action awards on Monday 17 November 2014 Island primary schools receive Safety in Action awards Image

In July, nearly 1000 Year 5 students from all 31 Primary schools in Jersey attended a series of interactive safety workshops at the 16th annual Safety in Action event at Highland College.  Students completed quizzes assessed from the CAP website ( and answered questions to evaluate their level of safety knowledge. The tests were completed both before and after the workshops, to see what they had learned. This year first aid and play safety saw the greatest improvements in knowledge, while water safety and home safety proved to be the most challenging topics.

Head of Beaulieu Primary School, Mr Andrea Firby, commented:

‘I am very proud of the girls and congratulate them on their achievement. They are an incredibly conscientious group who are excellent at applying knowledge and skills. They had lots of fun even went home and shared their new knowledge with family and friends, asking them to check smoke detectors. I am grateful to all the team at Safety in Action and CAP for all their efforts in helping to keep our children safe.’

‘The role of Child Accident Prevention is to about encouraging children to play, explore and to assess risk safely.  To do this they need to know what the possible dangers are, so as individuals they can reduce their own risk of being harmed. Retesting the students in September refreshes the key messages delivered during Safety in Action and enables us to reward those students who have increased their knowledge base. This in turn helps the co-ordinators and workshop leaders in planning and adapting the event for the following year and provides a fantastic opportunity to recognise students and schools that have excelled,’ added Martin Preisig, co-ordinator for Safety in Action.

Child Accident Prevention (Jersey) is a multi agency organisation formed in 1996.  This alliance comes under the auspices of Family Nursing & Home Care.  The group’s aim is to work together to reduce the incidence and impact of accidental injuries to children, 0-16 years of age, in the community.