Joint statement by HSSD and FNHC By Adrian Blampied on Thursday 10 November 2016

Following talks between the Health and Social Services Department (HSSD) and Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC), and the HSSD Minister’s answers to questions in the States, this joint statement has been issued regarding the future funding of homecare services provided by FNHC.

Senator Andrew Green, the Minister for Health and Social Services, has confirmed that HSSD will cease commissioning and funding FNHC’s home care services with effect from 1 January 2017. However, to enable FNHC’s current clients to transition to the new fee structure that is required, HSSD will make available transitional funding to FNHC to maintain a lower rate for those not in receipt of Long-Term Care funding until 31 December 2017.

Senator Green said “This extension of financial support for current FNHC homecare clients will allow the introduction of the new Income Support flexible personal care component, giving more time for a safe and smooth transition for them.”

The new flexible care component should be available from 1 July 2017 and at this point all clients may access it subject to meeting the eligibility criteria (appropriate assessed care needs, low household income and qualifying for Income Support). Clients already receiving an Income Support personal care component would continue with this unless they move across to the new flexible personal care component. Current clients who are not eligible for the new benefit will continue to receive care at a rate subsidised by HSSD until 31 December 2017.

Any FNHC clients who are assessed as being eligible for the Long-Term Care scheme are encouraged to make an application to be covered by that scheme. 

Officers from the HSSD Finance Department are continuing to finalise the overall funding for 2017 with FNHC, which is expected to be broadly similar to that in 2016. However, the funding will be aligned to the provision of commissioned services of District Nursing, Child & Family and Rapid Response & Reablement.

Senator Green added “FNHC is a key partner in strategic change and our commitment to the good work that they carry out is evidenced by the funding we are providing for the new services in which FNHC plays a key role – such as rapid response and reablement.”

Ann Esterson, Chair of FNHC, added, "FNHC is determined to continue providing quality home care services as it has done in Jersey for over 40 years. This means that we must evolve FNHC’s Home Care service into a not for profit business which requires changes to staff terms and conditions and a substantial increase in fees when Home Care funding stops in January 2017. We welcome the decision of HSSD to provide us with transitional funding to allow us to phase in the fee increases for our current clients until the new benefit support becomes available."