Proceeds from Dandara Colour Fun Run to help families of children with life-limiting illnesses on Wednesday 04 May 2016 Proceeds from Dandara Colour Fun Run to help families of children with life-limiting illnesses Image

The organisers of Jersey’s first ever colour run are hoping to raise £40,000 through ticket sales and sponsorships to fund the provision of a new Paediatric Care Worker.


All of the 800 tickets for the Dandara Colour Fun Run in aid of Family Nursing & Home Care have now sold out, and FNHC is encouraging those who have registered to raise sponsorship money from friends, family and colleagues to help the charity reach its fundraising target.


The role of the new Paediatric Care Worker will be to assist the FNHC Children’s Nursing Team with the delivery of specialist respite care in the home for families that have children with life-limiting illnesses.


Specialists estimate that there are up to 90 children in Jersey with neurological, oncological, genetic or other permanent or chronic disabilities whose parents and family members need respite care support.


FNHC already runs a respite care service with one member of staff, enabling these parents to continue working or take a short break from caring for their child. Thanks to our Paediatric Care Worker, FNHC’s Children’s Nursing Team provides support for the majority of these families and facilitates specialist groups for the children such as sensory or swimming groups.


However, the complex nature of life-limiting conditions in children means there is sometimes a shortage in the availability of respite care when something unexpected happens. We would like to extend this respite service in order to meet the level of need and enable greater opportunities for families to access services with their children.


‘The health of children with life-limiting conditions often fluctuates and they need more care and support at some times than others,’ said Julie Gafoor, CEO at FNHC.


‘With States funding we are able to plan and provide respite care for affected families for the majority of the time, however parents and carers sometimes struggle to get the physical and emotional support they need during times of crisis or unexpected ill health.


‘The benefit of employing a permanent staff member to provide respite care is that we can provide them with expert nursing training for different levels of children’s needs, and deploy their skills as and when the care is needed. This will enable us to go above and beyond what respite care is currently available for families. This level of responsive care for children with life-limiting illnesses is not available anywhere in Jersey, and with the help of our sponsors and everyone who is taking part in the Dandara Colour Fun Run, we hope to fill this gap in care.’


The Dandara Colour Fun Run in aid of Family Nursing & Home Care is taking place along St Aubin’s Bay on Sunday 5th June. The event will see participants showered with coloured paint as they make their way along a five-kilometre stretch of the beach.


The paint, which is made of biodegradable corn starch and comes in five colours, will be thrown from colour stations along the route. Each colour is being sponsored by a local organisation; the headline sponsor Dandara is blue, UBS is red, JTC is purple, The Enhance Group is green and NED Bank Private Wealth is neon yellow.


All participants have received a link to their own personal fundraising page, which can be shared with friends, family and colleagues on social media to encourage sponsorships. FNHC is giving away special souvenir t-shirts to anyone who raises over £25 for FNHC and free tickets for the 2017 event are on offer for those who raise over £100 through their personal fundraising page.


‘To help people raise as much as possible we have set up a quick and easy way for people to start collecting sponsorship money and spread the word with friends, family and colleagues. With your help we will be able to provide responsive respite care support to more families in the Island than ever before,’ added Mrs Gafoor.