The Challenge... 1 Bike, 1 Woman, 24 Hours, 6 Mile Loop, 4 Charities, 1 Cause on Monday 25 June 2018 The Challenge... 1 Bike, 1 Woman, 24 Hours, 6 Mile Loop, 4 Charities, 1 Cause Image

My name is Kath Hirani, I work as a Breast Care nurse within a small team at the Jersey General Hospital comprising of Mr Matthew Stephenson, Mr Sarfraz Jamali and Sr Senga McNeill. Caring for women and men with breast cancer, we provide physical and psychological support for our patients from diagnosis, throughout treatment, and for a follow up period of five years.

Being diagnosed with any type of cancer is life changing and has a ripple effect on others around us. In my role I witness this on a day to day basis and yet I am left feeling inspired and humbled by the way patients deal with their diagnosis. For this reason, I decided to do something to show my admiration and to help support those affected.

The Challenge... 1 Bike, 1 Woman, 24 Hours,

6 Mile Loop, 4 Charities, 1 Cause

"For many of us cancer will be the toughest thing we ever face and so I wanted to do something that would be a real challenge to me. I’m not a cycling club fanatic, I’m a mother of three crazy kids, with an even crazier idea to do a continuous 24-hour solo cycle ride, starting at 8am Saturday 14th July and finishing at 8am Sunday 15th July."

The cycle will consist of a six-mile loop from St Aubin to Le Frigate and back. It will be a test of both physical and mental endurance. The challenge will be to stay on the bike, only getting off for a comfort break, i.e. WC. Meals will be eaten with the bike on a static bike stand for a short period to enable me to continue pedalling.

I am very excited about the cycle and full of trepidation, but this is nothing compared to the emotional rollercoaster our patients face each day.

I would be very grateful if you would consider supporting the challenge by sponsoring an amount per hour, donating, or even by matching pound for pound the amount I raise. Any donation, however small, would be very much appreciated.

To show my gratitude, on the day I will station a large bill board at St Aubin displaying the names and company logos of all who are supporting the challenge.

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