Treasurer to the Committee

The Treasurer needs to maintain financial control and ensure compliance with our legal responsibilities as a Registered Charity. The successful candidate will maintain effective governance of FNHC’s affairs, ensuring financial viability and maintenance of proper processes and procedures for assuring all financial records, decisions and delegations.

hours: Varied - Approximately 4 hours per month (but this may vary between 2 and 8 hours, dependent on workload at the time)

salary: This is a Voluntary role

criteria: The successful candidate will have experience in bookkeeping and financial management, good financial analysis skills and the ability to communicate clearly.

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Role details

This is an exciting opportunity to join the Committee of Family Nursing and Home Care (FNHC) for the role of Treasurer.

Experience of working with a Charity is desirable but not essential. We do not have complex accounts, but we do have multiple income streams.

The commitment for the role is approximately 4 hours per month, but this may vary between 2 and 8 hours, dependent on workload at the time. As part of the hours, the Treasurer will need to attend most of the Committee meetings (usually around 5-6 meetings per year – mostly held in the late afternoon / early evening), to keep up to date with current developments and update the committee on financial matters. Accordingly, this role requires dedicated time and effort to prepare for meetings in a timely manner.

FNHC provides a full face-to-face induction programme to new Committee members along with a comprehensive committee induction pack

 Key Responsibilities


  • To assist and advise in the formation of FNHC’s strategy with regard to ensuring that FNHC has the resources to deliver the strategy.


  • To ensure that the Committee receives accurate Annual Accounts and all the appropriate budgetary and financial information on the activities of the charity
  • To ensure that all accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by funders and the relevant statutory bodies.
  • To recommend to the Committee appropriate accounting procedures, controls and policies consistent with the scheme of delegation.
  • To oversee the appointment of auditors and review on a regular basis.
  • To work in close partnership with the Director of Finance in executing their responsibilities and achieve their goals.

Assets and Investments

  • To ensure that FNHC has an appropriate investment policy.
  • To ensure that FNHC monitors the performance of its investments and to set an appropriate reserves policy.
  • To ensure that all assets are adequately maintained and accounted for.


  • To ensure that the Committee is aware of its financial duties and responsibilities and the need for compliance with all legislation.
  • To ensure financial policies, procedures and the appointment of external financial advisors are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • To ensure that the Committee’s scheme of delegation is reviewed on a regular basis.
  • To act as Chair of the Finance sub-committee of the Committee.

In addition to the specific responsibilities outlined above, the Treasurer as a Committee member has the following general responsibilities of all Committee members.

Committee members play an important voluntary role in setting strategies and policies, ensuring that systems of performance management are in place as well as risk oversight and strong internal controls. As a key Committee member, you will play a central role in shaping the future of our caring organisation.

You will be contributing your skills and experience to support:

  • Innovative shaping and development of our strategies
  • Innovative development of our new and existing services
  • Good governance within the organization for our policies and procedures

The successful candidate will have experience in bookkeeping and financial management, good financial analysis skills and the ability to communicate clearly.

Volunteering as a treasurer is a good way to gain new skills and experience working in what can be a challenging environment. It is a great way to network, meet people you would not normally meet and to give something back. The role requires responsibility, organisation and commitment but can be hugely rewarding for the right person.

For further information about the role, please contact Phil Romeril, Chairperson for FNHC on

To apply for this exciting opportunity please apply online or email your CV and statement of interest to

 Please note that this post requires a Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) check.

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