Daisy's story

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Our daughter Daisy was born exactly three months premature.

My waters broke on 9 November and my husband and I were flown to Portsmouth Hospital by air ambulance.

Daisy was born via cesarean section on 19th November, weighing 700g. It was the most terrifying experience for myself and my husband as we were unsure of the outcome.

Daisy is a much wanted surprise baby, which we never thought we would have following years of fertility struggles.

Our beautiful girl looked so tiny in her little incubator and looked so vulnerable but we soon realized she was a tough cookie with a strong spirit.

The three of us spent a total of two months in Portsmouth NICU followed by an additional fice weeks in Jersey SCBU. On 24 February, we brought Daisy home, a day we thought was never going to come.

We had a mix of emotions, as Daisy was still oxygen dependent and still required a feeding tube. During the lead up to the day we could bring Daisy home we met with some of the lovely Family Nursing nurses, they talked us through all the support they could offer us and helped us feel at ease with the transition from hospital to home. We could never imagine how important family nursing would become to us as a few weeks after getting home, as Covid-19 hit Jersey and we were told we would need to isolate as Daisy was deemed extremely vulnerable.

Family Nursing became our only link to the outside world. We looked forward to every visit and sharing all of Daisy’s progress and milestones. As a first time mother, I appreciated all of the nurses' advise and guidance.

This vital resource is so important to us and we would be lost without them. Thank you so much for all of your help and support you are truly amazing individuals who will always have a special place in our hearts.