India's Story

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This is India, she is ten years old and has been under the care of Family Nursing and Home Care for around nine years.

India was born at 28 weeks weighing 500 grams and transferred out to Southampton the next day.

India has a few conditions, tracheomalacia, subglottic stenosis, chronic lung and no swallow.

This means she requires a tracheostomy to breathe with and occasional oxygen, because of this she’s under palliative care, sounds scary that word but far from it. 

India was finally home for the first time the day before her third birthday, the reasoning is because India needs 24 hour care and as a single parent, that’s hard to do.

FNHC have provided carers to help me sleep so I can function quickly the next day to perform the various ways of maintaining her safe airway or spot signs of distress with her breathing, they’ve also provided a school carer so that she can enjoy being with her peers. 

The team don’t stop with looking out for India, they also check on me, make sure I’m okay and not burning myself out.

They are a joy to enter the home, India loves the attention as does the dog, the team from the top of the children’s team right through to the carers, support workers are the most understanding team.