Jim Wilkinson

Meet Jim Wilkinson, District Nurse Team Leader for the east of the Island.

Jim, aged 54, has been a nurse for 36 years. He is passionate about helping people and loves his job. Jim is immensely proud of his profession and colleagues. He believes that every healed wound is an achievement worth celebrating, and that every discharged patient is a reward for the tireless commitment of his team.

Jim manages the district nursing team that cares for the entire population of the east of the Island. The team delivers care to people in their own homes and patients range from people aged 18 through to end of life. Jim and his team care for people with a range of issues, including wound care, diabetes care, intravenous drug administration and palliative or end of life care.

District nursing is a frontline service at FNHC. The team assesses and develops a care plan with the individual to alleviate symptoms, promote comfort and minimise fear and distress. Conditions are often complex and treatments can be lengthy. A huge amount of training and experience is required to do the job and Jim has dedicated his working life to achieving the necessary skills.

"To leave someone’s home knowing you have achieved all this creates a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and pride."

One of the most important things about the nature of Jim’s work is that both basic and complex care can be delivered to people in their own homes. Jim is particularly passionate about palliative care. Many people express a wish to end their life in the familiar surroundings of their own homes, and Jim and his team are able to support patients and their loved ones through this process.

"Ending life at home is so important for many people. Simple things such as a familiar view from the window or being able to cuddle a loved cat, dog or other pet can make a huge difference in the last days of life. I am so proud to be able to provide the care that allows this to happen."

Jim contributes to a range of initiatives and working groups to further develop and expand the service to ensure its ongoing review to maintain and improve standards.