Nixon Hansford

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Support from Family Nursing & Home Care’s Community Children’s Nursing Team has enabled Nixon Hansford to remain in the family home.

Nixon's mum, Dee, says:

"Nixon is an 8 year old who has a muscle myopathy which causes Nixon to be supported by a bi pap machine and a feeding tube.

Nixon is mobile with the use of a frame daily for support and a wheelchair for when he becomes ill or has periods of weakness.

In the first years of Nixon' s life, FNHC was a much needed service to support Nixon and his family with daily cares, when Nixon had a tracheostomy and was ventilation dependent,  FNHC was part of his care package, so Nixon could be at home where he belonged.

FNHC remain a support for the family and support Nixon pre and post procedures and remain in close contact with the family.

Nixon is on the palliative pathway due to his condition  and still to this day, there is no final diagnosis for his condition.

Without FNHC Nixon would not of been able to live in the family home, currently Nixon is very much supported solely by his family with FNHC being  a support network when needed.

Nixon is a credit to all the professionals that have supported and cared for him, he is determined young boy who has fought hard to be where he is today, FNHC have been part of his journey.

Who knows what may be ahead, but right now, Nixon has a positive quality of life, and manages the bumps along the way with this family and Family Nursing & Home Care at his side."