Nixon Hansford

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Support from Family Nursing & Home Care’s Community Children’s Nursing Team enables five-year-old Nixon Hansford to remain in family home.

Currently on the Children’s Palliative Care Pathway is five year-old, Nixon Hansford who has a muscle weakness condition. His family believe that without FNHC’s support, Nixon wouldn’t be able to live at home.

Nixon’s condition means he requires a walking frame or wheelchair for when he gets tired. It also affects his ability to eat, so he has to be pump-fed milk and his medicines.

Nixon’s main issue is caused by respiratory distress, which on occasions he has required ventilation and transfer to the UK for treatment. At night, Nixon requires assistance with his breathing while he sleeps.

Nixon’s illness has a huge impact on the whole family. They spend a lot of time back and forth to the UK for treatment. The family has completely changed the way they live, including moving house to somewhere more practical for Nixon’s needs and his mother, Dee Hansford, gave up her job for some time in order to care for her son at home.

“When Nixon was first born, we weren’t sure what the outcome would be for him. Emotionally, it was very hard being apart as we’re such a close family. When we got Nixon home, FNHC’s Community Children’s Nursing Team helped us adjust and settle in to life and supported us throughout the whole process. Having that reassurance of someone being at the end of the phone who’s trained to help with Nixon’s medical needs is such a relief and a comfort to us as a family,” said Dee.


She added: “If we didn’t have FNHC, I believe Nixon wouldn’t be at home. I can’t imagine his wellbeing and our family’s quality of life being as positive and great as it is now without the support of FNHC.”