Staff Stories: Marie Raleigh

Marie Raleigh explains what the MESCH (Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home Visiting) programme offers:

The MECSH programme, which stands for Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home Visiting Programme is a two year programme developed in Australia and delivered world-wide. The goal is to support the best outcomes for infant development, maternal and family health and wellbeing despite any challenge to that, at the most important time of an infant’s life.

The programme is collaborative, supports attachment, infant development and communication and infant/maternal mental health. Every family on the programme has a named Health Visitor who visits in the home.

The offer is a programme which is aspirational, future orientated but works alongside the parents and their bespoke goals.

The programme is available to all parents . Examples might include parents who experience anxiety, have existing health conditions, for example , infants who are preterm or have health/developmental issues, families who feel isolated, or who have had difficult life experiences – the list is very wide.

Access to the programme via the health visitor. The programme is from 20 weeks of pregnancy- and structured over the first two years of a child’s life. There have been over 150 families on the programme at any one time since the programme started in Jersey in 2014.

If there are any questions or queries, parents are welcome to contact us. You can do that by emailing us: