Staff Stories: Pauline Huelin


“I would love to share a little about my role as it is the only post on the Island of its kind.

My post as a paediatric liaison health visitor combines my background of nursing, midwifery and health visiting and utilises my knowledge and skills as a Health Visitor ,which I feel very privileged to have practiced for over 20 years.

My role was created to improve communication between our colleagues at the hospital and our community practitioners, ensuring families with children receive timely follow up when needed with the focus on identifying the most vulnerable children and families.

I visit the Emergency Department where I triage attendances for follow up, link with SCBU, Maternity and Robin Ward and share information relevant to follow up. This information sharing is key to keeping children safe and it is known that for many children subject to serious case reviews there has been an identifiable pattern of attendance, therefore to have an overview is very much a ‘belt and braces’ approach to keeping our children safe.

I have a dual role and half of my day is dedicated to the safeguarding of children. My contribution to the team in the Children and Families hub. My role is with multi agency safeguarding hub where I research cases that have been referred for support in terms of any relevant contact with our health services. There are two key health staff that work in the hub and we work together to improve practitioners knowledge of safeguarding processes.

One other aspect of my job that is thankfully only a small part of my role is the administration of the CONI programme run by The Lullaby Trust which provides support for subsequent babies of families who have had a sudden infant death, or babies who have had a life threatening event. The Lullaby Trust is a fabulous organisation and is the Trust who launched the ‘Back to Sleep’ and ‘Safer Sleep’ campaigns which it still supports and provides information in many languages.

It is a busy and demanding role but one that is also rewarding. When there is no lockdown I can often be seen wherever there is a high footfall of children, and cycling between the two bases that are my ‘offices’ at Liberte House and the General Hospital.”