Supporting child development and parent education

Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-Visiting or MECSH is a structured programme of sustained nurse home visiting for families identified to be at risk of poorer maternal and child health and development outcomes. It is delivered as part of a comprehensive, integrated approach to services for young children and their families.

In 2014 our Child and Family Team introduced the MECSH scheme in Jersey. The initiative has received international recognition and is already being delivered by Health Visitors or their equivalent in Australia, South Korea, USA and the UK. All our Health Visitors are now working with families on the MESCH programme and our aim is to recruit between 100 and 150 families onto the programme by the end of 2016.

The feedback from families taking part in Jersey so far has been very positive. The programme draws together the best available evidence on the importance of the early years, children’s health and development, the types of support parents need, parent-infant interaction and holistic, ecological approaches to supporting families to establish the foundations of a positive life trajectory for their children.

Key components of the scheme include: 

  1. Supporting mother and child health and wellbeing
  2. Supporting mothers to be future oriented and aspirational
  3. Supporting family and social relationships
  4. Additional support in response to need
  5. Child development parent education


BBC Radio Jersey Interviews about post natal depression and the MECSH programme


 "The home visiting programme is great ... my Health Visitor is really friendly and non judgemental"


"I had a lot of anxieties about being a mum but being part of the prgramme has been a great support to me"


"I have learnt so much from the programme and feel my baby is growing well."


There will be no MECSH playgroup at Pathways on Monday 13th June. Next meeting is Monday 20th June at Samares Manor for a walkabout & cuppa! (free of charge) If MECSH mums are interested in coming to Samares Manor can they enquire through their Health Visitor.

(This group is through referral by your Health Visitor only.)