"Acceptable Risk" Conference

“Acceptable Risk”

How we can best prepare children for the risks they will encounter, how to risk assess for themselves and how we feel about those risks.


21st April at St Pauls Centre and tickets are £20 each including lunch. Everyone is welcome.


JCCT/FNHC workshop

"Enabling Risk
This workshop style session will challenge participants to explore their role in enabling children to take risks, working with parents and to consider what type of risks might be introduced and how."


Plan B workshop

"We will be focusing on some of the online practices of young people in Jersey including sexting, bullying and gaming. This will involve showing key local stats and real world case examples, whilst providing information and tips on how to help young people stay safe."


NSPCC workshop

“Inside out”
"Taking risk is a normal part of everyday life. This session aims to support parents/carers/professionals to understand their risk preferences and what they can do to support children and young people manage acceptable risk”.


PMNW workshop

Prison! Me! No Way! will be running a workshop at our conference on 21st April and these are a few of the topics they will be looking at.

-Dealing With Unacceptable Behaviour
-Early Intervention
-Supporting Young People...
-Creating Cultural & Behavioural Change.