FNHC Colour Splash 2021

FNHC Colour Splash 2021 Banner

This year, FNHC are inviting Islanders to create their own "mini" Colour Festival, by creating a Colour Splash and we're delighted to launch it.

As we can't bring you a mass participation Colour Festival event on the beach this year due to Covid restrictions, we invite you to hold your own Colour Splash event.

Instead, you can buy Colour Splash t shirts and paint pouches from us, and have fun throwing the environmentally-friendly "paint" (which is actually corn starch!) at friends, family or work colleagues, in a private space, like a garden.

The paint comes in sealed pouches in lots of fantastic colours and you can buy additional pouches at the checkout part of the registration below!

We ask that when you have completed your Colour Splash (wearing your Colour Splash t shirt!) that you let us have a photo or video, either by emailing it to us at: fundraising@fnhc.org.je or by tagging in "Family Nursing & Home Care" on our social media channels, which are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We have tried to replicate the fun of the Colour Festival, while providing a smaller event in line with Covid restrictions this year. All funds raised from this go towards supporting our paediatric palliative play worker. 

We'll be holding a "pick up your paint" day soon - and more details of that will follow soon.

You can sign up, and buy your powder paint using the link below:


A huge thank you to our sponsors, Jersey Electricity and Dandara.

Please remember to enjoy your Colour Splash responsibly and don't use public areas!