Providing care for people at home

As a result of the withdrawal of HSSD funding, FNHC has been forced to re-evaluate how we deliver our Home Care. FNHC is determined to continue providing quality home care services as it has done in Jersey for over 40 years. This means that we must evolve FNHC’s Home Care service into a not for profit business which requires changes to staff terms and conditions and a substantial increase in fees when Home Care funding stops in January 2017.

One positive outcome of the changes is that we will be able to offer a greater range of Home Care Services, now that we are no longer being commissioned by HSSD. However, inevitably, without their subsidy, the amount we charge our Home Care clients is going to have to increase.

We will publish news of any changes as they evolve.



Our Home Care Support Team is here to help you maintain your health, wellbeing and independence at home. Our dedicated and professional team of Community Nurses, Health and Home Care Assistants and their Locality Coordinators have been trained to provide high quality care to Islanders who need home care support.

We can provide help, advice and support for a number of health issues to increase independence at home, including, assistance with medication and personal care.  Our Community Nurses can help you to access support from other charitable, voluntary and statutory agencies in the Island.

We are able to provide an integrated nursing and home care service that supports seamless care for the individual in their home.

  • I think my elderly relatives need this type of support. How do we go about applying for this?
  • Is anyone entitled to access the service?
  • I / a loved one used to be a member of FNHC, does this entitle me to support?
  • Do we have to pay for this service and if so, what is the cost?
  • Why would we use FNHC for this service, rather than one of the commercial suppliers?
  • Do you provide an assessment so we can talk about the type of support I / a loved one needs?
  • Additional information

We will assess an individual's needs, with their consent, to deliver a package of care to support their independence.


This can be done by calling our Adult Services on 443651 or 443754.

Yes, everyone is entitled to access the service.

Before January 2013 membership was compulsory for anyone wishing to access our nursing and care services.


However, we wanted to make our services more accessible and inclusive to reflect our commitment to providing health care support to all Islanders. To do this we have removed the compulsory membership fee and replaced it with a voluntary regular donation scheme instead. You no longer need to be a member of FNHC to get help from us. However, it is still vitally important that we receive your help to make our services possible. Please see the Become a Friend page for more information.


The services that Home Care provide are assessed and will incur a cost.


We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years through a membership. Since January 2013, everyone who needs our services is assessed equally, irrespective of their current or past membership status.

Yes, Home Care services are chargeable but at a much reduced rate compared to other private providers. The reduced rate is available thanks to a contribution from the States of Jersey and an additional contribution from our own charity fundraising.


From Monday 29th September 2014 our Home Care rate will be £2.75 per 15 minute unit, or £11 per hour. Weekend and public holidays are double time.  Please bear in mind that our actual costs for supplying this service are in excess of £24 per hour.  


Because our rates are so competitive, we are often operating at full capacity and we cannot guarantee to be able to provide all of the care you may need. Please contact us for more information.

We believe that we offer the best service in Jersey. There are three main reasons for this:


1. Our Home Care service is fully integrated with a nursing service. You are offered a holistic assessment when you first approach us for help and from that assessment we plan your care.  Afterwards, through our Home Care team, you have access to specialist nurses as and when you need them.


2. Our staff have one of the highest levels of training and qualifications in the Island.


3. The not-for-profit ethos of the charity means that all of our work is underpinned by a genuine desire to put the interests of our clients and patients before profit. 

Yes, everyone receives an assessment from a qualified member of staff and a detailed person centred care plan is developed in partnership with you and people you wish to be involved. We adopt a partnership approach with other health and social care professionals to achieve a consistent and quality service to meet your changing needs and preferences.