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Family Nursing & Home Care is a Charity. From birth to end of life, we nurse, advise, support and care for you and your loved ones, when and where needed. Your donations will help us to continue to provide the time and exceptional levels of care that Islanders need.

FNHC has been providing community nursing services in Jersey for over a hundred years.

We make a difference to the lives of thousands of people in Jersey, from new-born babies to the terminally ill.

Each year we provide care and support for islanders across the services we provide, which amounts to around 100,000 contacts a year. Our services are:

  • Home Care
  • Adult Nursing
  • Rapid Response and Re-ablement and
  • Child and Family Services

You can help our services to continue to flourish by supporting FNHC with a one-off gift or a recurring donation by Direct Debit.

However, of these alternatives, regular gifts are most valuable to us. Regular donations provide a bedrock of financial security for us and help to minimise our administrative costs, meaning that more of your generous support goes directly to funding our community nursing & care.

Another really easy way of supporting us is with Easy fundraising.  They provide FNHC with an additional flow of income, but without you having to make extra donations or contributions. Simply shop online at, where you will be directed to the retailer links so you can shop at your favourite websites.