Our Patrons

FNHC relies on the support of our generous patrons to ensure Islanders receive high-quality care and the support they need. We have earned the trust of our patrons and with over 100 years of experience in providing care across Jersey, we know what we’re talking about. We are thankful for their contributions and support.


Dr Karen Kyd

We are delighted that Dr Karen Kyd, wife of His excellency Vice Admiral Jerry Kyd, the newly appointed Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, has accepted our invitation to be a Patron of FNHC. Dr Karen Kyd has worked in public service as a practising GP for over 25 years.


Sir Timothy J Le Cocq

Sir Timothy became a member of the States of Jersey in April 2008, he was appointed Her Majesty’s Solicitor General for Jersey and was made a Queen’s Counsel. In November 2009 he became Her Majesty’s Attorney General for Jersey which post he held until the end of March 2015. He was subsequently sworn in as the Deputy Bailiff of Jersey on 2nd April 2015. On 17th October 2019, he became Bailiff of Jersey.

The Bailiff is appointed by the crown and is responsible for the orderly conduct of the States Assembly. 

As President of the States, the Bailiff is responsible for ruling on the admissibility of questions and propositions. These are referred to him for approval by the Greffier of the States when they are submitted by members.