Leaving a Lasting Legacy For Our Island

A gift in your will to FNHC is an investment in the future of Jersey and will enable the charity to continue supporting islanders to start well, live well and age well.

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We need your help

We need to raise a large amount of charitable income each year in order to provide the community nursing that islanders need. Legacies or gifts in wills form an important part of this vital income for us. We can all do something amazing for Jersey, by remembering our favourite charity when making a will.

We are listening to islanders about what aspects of community health they think need to be prioritised and developed in Jersey. Legacy income allows us to introduce the services the island needs now to prepare for the challenges community healthcare in Jersey will face with an aging population.


Our Promise

Leaving a legacy to FNHC will enable us to continue to care for the people of Jersey for generations to come. Leaving a legacy is a sensitive and personal decision. In return, this is our promise to you:

We understand that your friends and family come first and we promise to treat you all with sensitivity and respect.

We will make sure that your legacy is used wisely where it will have the greatest impact helping us care for people in Jersey.

We promise to respect your privacy. Your will is personal to you. You dont have to tell us if you leave a gift to FNHC.

You can change your mind about leaving us a legacy at any time and we will respect your decision.

We are here to help. You can speak to us at any time about our work and how your legacy would make a difference to peoples lives.

The difference a legacy can make to FNHC

Legacy income allows the charity to employ a number of specialist adult nurses (including for falls and frailty, advance practice and tissue viability), run the child accident prevention programme and provide additional palliative care support to children.

There is so much more we can do with additional funds, with more funding FNHC can:

– Carry out cutting edge research under a co-production model.

– Provide specialist training for the teams to ensure they are using and developing global best practice.

– Continue to enhance and develop services based on the needs of Islanders.

Wills in Jersey

A will is a legal document in which you set out how you would like your property and personal possessions (collectively known as your estate) to be dealt with after your death. It contains the names of the individuals or institutions with whom you want to receive your assets.

Jersey law treats movable and immovable estate differently for succession purposes therefore you need to specify how you want them administered separately too. In Jersey it is possible and indeed advisable to make separate wills. Your movable estate includes bank accounts, jewellery, furniture, cars, life insurance proceeds and shares. Your immovable estate comprises freehold property in Jersey as well as commercial premises, farms, fields and contract leases for more than nine years.

What are the different types of legacy I can leave?

There are three forms of legacy you might like to consider:

  • A Pecuniary Legacy is a specific amount which you mention in your will.
  • A Residuary Legacy is the residue, or a share of the residue, of your estate after all other legacies, debts, inheritance tax and expenses have been paid.
  • A Legacy of Moveable or Immoveable assets.


How do I include FNHC in my will

FNHC cannot help prepare or amend your will. It is always advisable to see a Jersey advocate or solicitor to draw up a will for you. Many law firms now allow you to make a will online. If you already have a will you may not need to create a new will, your advocate or solicitor may be able to issue a codicil which is an official amendment to a will. To include us in your will you need our Jersey Charity Commissioner number: 345, our name and our address: Le Bas Centre, St Saviours Road, St Helier, JE2 4RP.

Your support is truly appreciated

We hope that you will think of FNHC when making your will. Please let us know of your decision as we would love to thank you properly and keep you informed about our work. For more information about our current work please see our 2022 impact report here

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