Our Assisted Dying Statement

Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC) is a Jersey Charity. Our carers have earned the trust of our community and with over 100 years of experience in providing care across Jersey, we know what we’re talking about.

Our experience of delivering nursing care and home care has taught us how valuable life can be even when people are very unwell, and our ethos is one of enabling people to live as well as possible until it is their time to die.

However, we acknowledge the many schools of thought for and against a change in the law.


Here at Family Nursing & Home Care we care for many people with complex problems. Many of them will be at an advanced stage of illness often having experienced a difficult illness journey, and we know that this can be very hard to bear for individuals and families. Whilst we acknowledge that for some of these people treatment options are exhausted, and nothing will lengthen remaining life, we also know that giving excellent pain relief and other symptom relief often does make life, and illness, much more manageable. We have learnt so much from our individual patients, including that even when people are really ill, with the right help and support life can still be rich and time precious. 


We know from our experience of caring for people and their families that there is still lots more that can be done to improve end of life care and we feel that this should be a priority for the island. A change in the law may distract from the development and focus on palliative and end of life care improvement and should only be considered when there is confidence that excellence is achievable for all at end of life.

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