Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC) provide Rapid Response and Reablement to all islanders over the age of 18. Children aged between 16-18 in Jersey will receive care supported by children’s and adult services.

The FNHC Rapid Response and Reablement service provides nursing and therapist support within a community setting; in the islander’s home, place of residence or clinical setting. This service is available to any individual with a clinical need that the team can support with a short term intervention. This intervention would typically last from 72 hours to a maximum of six weeks.

Kindness is a priority: to our patients, partners and each other. Our nurses and colleagues work with individuals to understand their needs, applying our expertise to deliver the best possible care with dignity at the core of our service.

 The Rapid Response and Reablement service aims to:

  • avoid a hospital admission
  • support and facilitate hospital discharges and care transfers into the community 
  • avoid premature long term admission to care homes
  • provide cost effective care and the right services the first time
  • provide brief and timely support to care homes

The Rapid Response and Reablement service offers four different levels of services which covers:

  • acute illness
  • crisis management 
  • reablement 
  • mental health crisis support for over 65 year old

To deliver these services, FNHC Rapid Response and Reablement work closely with GPs, the hospital and other healthcare providers as a multidisciplinary team. The team is made up of highly skilled professionals including Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Mental Health Nurses, Senior Community Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Social Workers, Therapy Support Workers and a variety of support workers. This service is designed to respond promptly to acute, crisis and reablement episodes of care which do not need hospital admission.


Opening Times

The Rapid Response and Reablement service operates between 07:30-20:30 7 days a week

There is an overnight Community Nursing service that operates 20:00 – 08:00 7 days a week



Any healthcare professional can refer islanders to the Rapid Response and Reablement team by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Response Times

  • Acute Level 1 (2 hours)
  • Crisis Level 2 (2 hours)
  • Reablement Level 3 (24 hours) 
  • Mental Health Level 4 (dependant on need – 2 hours to 24 hours)


Visitors To Jersey

For visitors requiring emergency care, please contact Jersey General Hospital or dial 999.

Referrals for visitors are accepted by the Rapid Response and Reablement team providing the referral has come from a Health Care professional in Jersey.

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