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How does the 2021 Draw Club work?

Up to 2021 people buy tickets for the Draw Club. Each ticket has a unique draw number. You can buy more than one ticket  but only a maximum of 2021 will be sold.

Each year we increase the number of tickets available by one.


The price for a Draw Club ticket decreases month by month as the year goes on and the number of draws decreases.

Tickets for our 2021 Club are now priced at £17.50 for the rest of the year.




Terms and Conditions 

You can find our full Terms and Conditions here

The 2021 Club is promoted by Family Nursing & Home Care

  • There are twelve prizes each month
  • The total number of 2021 club tickets is 2021
  • You must be over 18 and a Jersey resident to purchase a ticket
  • Family Nursing & Home Care reserves the right to undertake an age verification check if deemed necessary in order to comply with the Jersey Gambling Commission Regulations
  • Tickets cost £2.50 a month (£30 a year) and must be paid in full prior to first draw
  • Direct debit payments must be received on or before the agreed date prior to first draw in January
  • No refunds are offered
  • Ticket holders are responsible for ensuring Family Nursing & Home Care has up to date contact details
  • The monthly draw will take place at Family Nursing & Home Care, Le Bas Centre, St Saviour’s Road, St Helier, Jersey. JE2 4RP on the last Friday of the month at 11-00 am
  • Any individual may hold more than one 2021 Club ticket, but may hold no more than 10
  • Prize winners will be notified by phone (or post if not contactable by phone). Prizes must be collected by ticket holder from Family Nursing & Home Care, Le Bas Centre, St Saviour’s Road, St Helier, Jersey. JE2 4RP. Photographic ID will required to verify age when collecting winnings
  • Results of each draw are published on our website at www.fnhc.org.je and social media
  • Family Nursing & Home Care will use your personal data for the purposes of administering your participation in the monthly draw and communicating with you about your purchase
  • FNHC staff are also able to purchase tickets with the exception of the promotor



If you feel you may have a problem with gambling, Gambling Therapy is a global service offering free practical advice and emotional support to anyone affected by problem gambling.

You can find out more at the Gambling Therapy Jersey Website 

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Get further help resources from the Jersey Gamling Commmission  at Jersey Gambling Commision - Get help 

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