- 2021 Draw Club

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How does the 2021 Draw club work?

Up to 2021 people buy tickets for the Draw Club. Each ticket has a unique draw number.



You can buy more than one ticket but only a maximum of 2021 will be sold. Each year we increase the number of tickets available by one.

  • Players must be over 18 and a Jersey resident to take part. 
  • Each ticket costs £30.00 for the calendar year. 
  • Each ticket has a unique number from 1 to 2021, and once you have been allocated your draw number that number will belong to you for as long as you are a ‘paid up’ member of the Club.
  • The draw takes place on the last Friday of every month at Le Bas Centre at 11am. The first draw of 2021 will take place on Friday 29th January, 2021.
  • All allocated draw numbers are entered into each monthly draw, so even if you have won in a previous draw you are automatically entered into all subsequent draws.
  • Each month 12 numbers are drawn at random starting with the first prize and ending with the 12th, which is drawn last.
  • When a Friday is a Bank Holiday, the draw will take place on the previous working day.

Winners are notified directly and the results are published on our website and on our Facebook page.