If you would like to explore ways you are able to volunteer for Family Nursing & Home Care please contact our Fundraising Team on 443600, or email enquiries@fnhc.org.je

Specific opportunities will appear from time to time below.


FNHC’S Colour Festival

As a Volunteer at the FNHC’s Colour Festival, you will be working with event staff, community and sporting groups, students and other individual volunteers. There are numerous roles on the day.

We would like our volunteers to have:

  • A friendly and polite attitude
  • Respectable personal presentation and hygiene
  • Be mature, honest and reliable
  • Willingness to work with a team of people and to take direction from others
  • Big smiles!

Make new friends, experiences and memories that last a long, long time!

Volunteer Roles Saturday 6th July 2019

Information officers 'Where do I get my paint?’, 'When is my friend running?' ‘How do I get a colour T-shirt?’ are just some of the questions you might have to answer as an Information Officer.

There will be people from FNHC wearing a high vis jacket so that they are easy to spot who know the event, the course and the lowdown. And you will have a radio so you can quickly get in touch with someone from FNHC if you need help with anything.

Bag Drop volunteers Bag drop volunteers assist in storing participants clothing while they are running or walking in the event.

The bag drop area will be situated in three gazebos behind the registration point on the beach at West Park. Participants will start to arrive at any time from around 10.00am and your aim is to try and ensure that bags are stored in an order that enables you to return them to their owners quickly and smoothly after the event.

The participants will have a label on their bag for identification. Please ask the participant to put all clothing in the bag before you place it in the allocated area in the tents. It is important to make sure the bags are in neat rows and in alphabetical order as much as possible to make collection at the end of the event easier. Plus, as with all cloakrooms, you will need to remind participants not to leave valuables in their bags.

Don’t forget to wish them luck in their walk or run and remember to smile!

“Working in the baggage area made me realize how important it is for the participants to have somewhere safe to put their things. Although I was behind the scenes, I really felt I played a role helping the event run smoothly.” – feedback from previous volunteer

 Merchandise sales Overall merchandise sales management

We will be selling rainbow wigs, colourful Tutus and extra paint for the final paint cloud.

We will provide a float and a cash box and you will need to be quick thinking and able to deal with basic addition and subtraction to give the correct change.

 Course Marshals

Inspire, cheer and motivate participants by covering one of the marshal points on the course. This crucial role ensures the event runs smoothly and participants feel motivated. This role is perfect for team players with great communication skills who can use their initiative when dealing with anything that may occur on the course.

Course volunteers direct and encourage participants, warn of hazards, monitor the course for accidents and assist spectators with crossing the course in the correct locations.

This is an important role as you keep all the participants safe on course.

You will be in the thick of the action as the participants walk and run round the course throughout the morning.

Remember to cheer participants on, say well done and keep them motivated!

“I have been a Course Marshal a couple of times. You are sent out onto the course to make sure that the runners and walkers go the right direction and are aware of hazards. You have to be polite but quite assertive if necessary. You also talk to the participants and encourage them and get lots of people saying thank you for volunteering!” – feedback from previous volunteer

 Marshalls West Park Slip / Jersey Heritage Duck ferry control Runners should not use the West Park slip to access the beach because of the risk of accidents with Jersey Heritage’s ducks. You will have to use your initiative and allow disabled access only, when safe to do so. The Jersey Heritage Duck ferry will still be operating during the festival, so we need volunteers to monitor the cordoned off ferry departure and arrival area to make sure there are no incidents with participants or spectators.

Start line volunteers

You will be marking the start line and setting the runners off. You will receive your queue from the warm up team and the DJ.


We want to make sure that everyone who comes to watch knows what the event is about and can donate money if they wish. We are expecting a lot of people to come to watch so your job is to make sure they have an opportunity to find out what is going on. We will have collecting buckets and information about FNHC to give out to people along the sea wall. Please invite people to take a leaflet and collect any donations from the public.

Sandman Volunteers

Jersey Sandman will be hosting a sand sculpture competition for families and create some of his amazing artwork at the Colour Festival. He will need some help with running the workshop/competition.

Registration and T-shirt Hand out to runners Thursday 4th and Friday 5th July

We will be registering all runners and handing out the FNHC t-shirts to them two days before the Colour Festival. This will be at St. Helier Parish Hall both days from 9:00am till 5:00pm and we need some volunteers to assist us.

If you are interested in any of the roles, please email Mia Mistry, Fundraising Manager m.mistry@fnhc.org.je