MECSH Programme

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The MECS Home visiting programme is a dedicated, long-term supportive visiting programme offered by an established team at Family Nursing & Home Care.

MECSH stands for Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home Visiting. It is a well-established programme in Jersey.

It is solution-focused and support can be provided for a family for up to two years.

Access onto the programme is through the named Health Visitor for the family.  

The Health Visitor will discuss access to the programme with the mother/father/parent in detail, so a decision is made together around the support available to the family for the first two years of the child's life.

MECSH is designed to support the best health outcomes for the child.

There are around 150 families in Jersey currently benefiting from MECSH programme. 

It is centred on the best outcomes for the child and the parent or parents of the child.

Parents who take part in the MECSH programme are also offered access to a dedicated group just for MECSH parents, as well as dedicated support for maternal mental health.

The MECSH team can make contact with parents before their baby is born.


Contact us:

The MECSH team can be contacted on (01534) 443600 or