CAP Safety in Action event to teach children about ‘terrors at teatime’ By Ivo Le Maistre Smith on Wednesday 01 July 2015 CAP Safety in Action event to teach children about ‘terrors at teatime’ Image

Hundreds of children, aged 9 and 10, will be learning about ‘terrors at teatime’ at this year’s Child Accident Prevention (CAP) Safety in Action event.

Year five classes from 31 local primary schools will visit Highlands College between 6th and 14th July to take part in the established event, which teaches children about safety in a fun and dynamic way. This year ‘terrors at teatime’ will be a key theme as the evening teatime rush is a common time of day for accidents to happen. 

The children will take part in a series of workshops that highlight the potential dangers surrounding six common scenarios, including first aid, road safety, fire safety, home safety, water safety and play safety. The groups will spend 15 minutes at each station, and experts from the CAP network will be on hand to guide the children through each scenario.

Mandy Le Tensorer, coordinator at CAP, commented: ‘The aim of the event is to teach children how to assess and deal with risk independently, in a fun, fast and vibrant way. The children visit each station, interacting with each other and their surroundings, to work out the steps that need to be taken to remain safe. It’s active learning that encourages problem solving and, above all, allows the children to have fun at the same time as learning valuable lessons about safety.’

Students completed a questionnaire this month to test their level of knowledge about safety. The tests will be completed again after the workshops to evaluate what they have learned and to highlight key areas of improvement. Awards will be provided for the highest scoring and most improved primary schools at the Safety in Action Awards held later this year.

CAP is coordinated by Family Nursing & Home Care. Its primary focus is to reduce the incidence and impact of accidental injuries to children (aged 0 to 12) in the community. For more information visit