Leading child safety experts hosting conference in Jersey next month By Ivo Le Maistre Smith on Tuesday 22 March 2016

Prominent child safety experts from Jersey and Guernsey will be talking about the importance of managing ‘acceptable risk’ at a conference hosted by Child Accident Prevention Jersey (CAPJ) next month.

Representatives from Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC), Jersey Child Care Trust (JCCT), Prison! Me! No Way!!! (PMNW), Barnardo’s and the NSPCC, will be running a series of workshops at the conference being opened by health minister Andrew Green at St Paul’s Centre in St Helier on Thursday 21st April.

The workshops will cover issues such as the online practices of young people in Jersey, the role of parents, carers and professionals in enabling children to take risks, dealing with bad behaviour, early intervention and creating cultural and behavioural change.

Child Accident Prevention Jersey coordinator, Mandy Le Tensorer, said the conference would provide delegates with the tools needed to help children in their care deal with risks more effectively.

‘The role of Child Accident Prevention is not about wrapping children in cotton wool, it is about encouraging children to play, explore and to be able to assess risk safely,’ she said.

‘Children both need and want to take risks in order to explore their limits, venture into new experiences and to aid their development. This conference will help parents, carers, teachers and health care professionals to manage these risks more effectively. We’ll look at the challenges and benefits of exposure to acceptable risks and explore ways of using risks to aid children’s development.’

The Barnardo’s workshop will focus primarily on the online practises of young people in Jersey, including sexting, bullying and gaming. It will involve the use of local statistics and real world case studies examining the dangers and provide tips on how to help young people stay safe in the digital age.

FNHC and JCCT are hosting a joint workshop that will seek to challenge participants to explore their role in enabling children to take risks, working with parents to consider what types of risks might be introduced and how.

Representatives from NSPCC will be tackling the issue of risks being a part of normal every day life. The session will aim to help parents, carers and professionals understand their risk preferences and what they can do to support children and young people to manage acceptable risks.

PMNW will be hosting a workshop covering a wide variety of topics relating to dealing with bad behaviour, promoting early intervention, supporting young people in Jersey and how to create cultural and behavioural change.

Tickets for the Acceptable Risks Conference cost £20 for adults or £15 for students. For more information please contact CAPJ coordinator Mandy Le Tensorer on 443614 or email m.letensorer@fnhc.org.je.