Local charity launches new online donation scheme in response to falling memberships By Ivo Le Maistre Smith on Monday 13 April 2015

FNHC updated its membership model in January 2013, making membership voluntary. As a result all islanders are now able to access the Charity’s services, which touch the lives of people of all ages and needs. Since then membership has decreased by 33 per cent and the number of new people becoming members is also decreasing year on year.

In response FNHC has launched an online donation scheme to help increase donations and support from Islanders, providing more options for people to choose from when they donate. Islanders wishing to support the Charity can now visit the FNHC website (www.fnhc.org.je) and pledge an annual or recurring gift donation. People can also provide a one-off gift donation, if preferred.

FNHC fundraising manager, Ivo Le Maistre Smith, commented: ‘Changing our membership model in 2013 has ensured FNHC’s services are accessible to all Islanders, which is fantastic. However the increased access to services and the Island’s growing and ageing population has amplified the demand for frontline FNHC services such as health visitors and home care nurses. This highlights just how important on-going support from Islanders is to ensure we can continue to provide the variety of essential services that we offer.’

Under the new system, regular contributions of under £50 per year will make the donor a Friend of FNHC. Regular or one-off donations in excess of £50 will provide Membership status and eligibility to vote at the annual AGM. All Friends and Members will receive an introductory welcome pack with the latest newsletter, information on the Charity’s services and a FNHC car sticker.

‘Although the change has resulted in fewer Islanders retaining their membership status, we hope that more people will consider becoming a Friend, Member or just a one-off donor using our simple online system. We appreciate public support, no matter how big or small, and understand that not everyone wants to commit to becoming a full Member. The new online donation system provides people with different options and will hopefully encourage more people to support us in the future.’

FNHC is a Jersey charity providing nursing care in the community from birth to end of life. The charity touches the lives of more islanders than any other charitable organisation, helping children, their families, the sick, the elderly and the dying. FNHC is a forward thinking, modern charity that has adapted in order to provide the services that islanders need today.