Who Cares? We do! on Wednesday 12 November 2014 Who Cares? We do! Image

On 12th November, around 200 islanders attended a lively public meeting, organised by Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC),the leading provider of community nursing and care services in Jersey, to discuss Jersey’s ability to deliver high standards of care to elderly islanders in the future.

The debate event, which was also attended by several senior civil servants and politicians, including the incoming Health Minister Deputy Andrew Green, saw four expert panel members deliver their thoughts before audience members were given an opportunity to ask questions and deliver their own views.

‘I am delighted that so many people turned out for the event, which was focused on a very emotive issue,’ said Julie Gafoor, CEO, FNHC. ‘There were several key themes that emerged from the discussion including the need for more support for volunteer/family carers as well as encouraging more young people into the care industry.

‘The question of choice was also central, giving islanders the choice to stay at home longer but coupled with this the need for us all to take some personal responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. Interlinking subjects such as social isolation and the need for better 24-hour care were also discussed. Interestingly, Richard Humphries talked about how other countries are beginning to view the need for care coordinators as essential, single points of contacts who can make navigating the care system simple at what is often a stressful time.’

For a summary of the main themes of the event please click here.