Sophia's Story

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Sophia was born June 30, 2020. She was born with Trisomy 21 and a vascular malformation on her neck and arm and a large hole in her heart.

At seven days old, Sophia was transferred to Southampton hospital for further investigation on the vascular malformation. 

She was then transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital from Southampton for a biopsy on her neck. 

Whilst in Great Ormond Street she had two blood transfusions because of the malformation. Her biopsy came back non cancerous and allowed Sophia to be transferred to Southampton Hospital. She will have to return to GOSH soon as this diagnosis will not ever get better.

Sophia was then transferred to Southampton were she had her hole in the heart repaired at six weeks old.

She spent a further two months in Southampton hospital before she came home.

Sophia then came home for a few weeks then was admitted to Robin Ward at the General Hospital with respiratory problems. Sophia spent her first Christmas in Robin Ward.  In January 2021, she was sent back to Southampton Hospital were they discovered she was suffering from sleep apnoea.

Sophia returned back home with a SATS machine and is on a CPAP machine at night.

Family Nursing & Home Care have been invaluable to us to allow Sophia to stay at home with us and her six siblings. They are only a phone call away and we are delighted to see them each week to check on Sophia.

We really have a great relationship with them all and they really take the stress off having a sick baby at home. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts; we cannot thank Family Nursing & Home Care enough for what they do.