New mum, Sophie

I’m a first time mum - I gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy six months ago.   Neither my husband nor I are from Jersey so we had no idea what support to expect both before and after the birth of our son.  Having had many family members tell us that the support available for families in the UK is not ‘what it used to be’, I have been very pleasantly surprised with the great support our growing family has had here in Jersey.

After leaving hospital we were visited by our midwife several times before being told our care would be handed over to our health visitor.  Health visitors in Jersey are employed by Family Nursing & Home Care, something I’m sure not many new mums will be aware of, and hand on heart, I can say our experience has been fantastic.  We were allocated a health visitor based on our address (they’re split into geographical teams) and I’m delighted to say she has been wonderful. 

On first meeting, both my husband and I felt very comfortable with her - she is warm, listens patiently and is great with our son.  She gave us her email address, work number and mobile number and told us to call her whenever we needed her – luckily to date there’s only been one phone call! She visited us several times, weighed our little one and chatted through whatever issues we wanted to discuss at every visit. It never felt like she was squeezing us in between millions of other appointments, which meant my husband was able to join us for many of them as she was very flexible. She gave us a pack of information on her first visit about different support groups and activities on offer in Jersey – it was extremely useful to have everything collated in one place as I now have a lot less time to spend researching on the internet than I used to!  

Having no family in Jersey, it has been great to know she’s there. Whenever we have seen each other since our home visits came to an end, she has always remembered our son - I can’t tell you how appreciated this is – she really understands the importance and she clearly cares about each and every infant in her charge.

It’s not just health visiting support we’ve received from FNHC though.  The baby clinics are all ran by the FNHC team and we’ve attended a great weaning workshop, run by one of FNHC’s community nurses.  Every team member we’ve come into contact with has been warm, helpful and caring – just the type of support every new mum needs!