It is estimated that 14 million men, women, young people and children of all ages are living with bladder problems and 6.5 million adults in the UK suffer with some form of bowel problem (NHS England, 2018).


Incontinence can have an enormous bearing on all areas of a person’s life, from self-esteem and wellbeing to quality of life. However, incontinence can be managed, treated and sometimes cured with the right support and advice. (RCN 2019)  The National Audit of Continence Care found that very few services were providing adequate continence care in line with NICE guidance.


Urinary tract infections are the most common healthcare-acquired infection (HCAI), with more than half associated with having a urethral catheters this can be dramatically reduced with the correct care. (Excellence in Continence Care 2018)


Poor continence care is a contributory factor to pressure ulcers and good continence care plays an important role in their prevention. (Excellence in Continence Care 2018)


It is our aim at Education 1st to ensure Islanders in need of community care receive the best Bladder and Bowel care available. The training is delivered by our Clinical Nurse Specialist for Bladder and Bowel, whose passion for the subject has led her to Chair The Royal College of Nursing’s Bladder and Bowel Forum.