Catheter Best Practice (RGN's)

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Cost: £ 30 pp

What is covered?

This course is aimed at Registered Nurses working in adult social care to discuss the Safe and Efficient practice of Urethral / Suprapubic Catheterisation.


Course Content

By the end of the session learners will be able to:

    • Identify the anatomy and physiology of Bladder and Urethra
    • Demonstrate how to insert and secure urethral and supra pubic catheters
    • Understand managing urethral catheters
    • Understand managing supra pubic catheters
    • Identify potential contraindication and complication with all the types of catheterisations and demonstrate problem solving skills
    • Review catheter care and education for patients
    • Understand use of the continence formulary
    • Understand medication and catheterisation
    • Have an awareness of automic dysreflexia
    • Understand the procedure for taking a Catheter Specimen of Urine
    • Understand infection Prevention & Control relating to Catheters


Course Duration

2 hours


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